Rivers drain our lands, carrying nutrients and materials to other rivers, lakes, seas, and lands. These dynamic and ever changing waters are critical  for maintenance of life, providing us with drinking water, and supporting diverse species that billions of people world-wide depend on. Many of the world’s largest rivers, like the Wisconsin River above, cross multiple geo-political boundaries, and many of us never have the opportunity to see or visit the diverse habitats or communities that occur along these large waterways. However, these rivers connect us, often in ways we might not immediately recognize – we depend on the same fishes, the same waters that flow from the headwaters to the mouth. Along with the nutrients and materials, rivers carry stories, and these stories can connect us, or at least there is the opportunity for our stories and values of rivers to connect to us, and offer a way for us to work together to conserve rivers in a way that returns the greatest benefit from nature and humans. Do you have a river story to share with others? Let’s share our stories to find ways that rivers connect us.