Rhesus Macaque


Rhesus macaqueThe rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) is a species of Old World monkey. Old World monkeys are primates that have tails, but their tails are not prehensile. Much of their face lacks hair, giving way to prominent expressions. Rhesus monkeys are found throughout southern and eastern Asia in an array of habitats. Their ability to tolerate a wide range of habitats and wide distribution in Asia may be the chief reasons rhesus monkeys are one of the minority of primate species not currently threatened with extinction. The species can even be found in cities, and many Hindus regard the animals as sacred. However, populations have been fragmented due to development, and hunting of the species has led to a decline in numbers around certain cities. Rhesus macaques have an approximate lifespan of four years in the wild, and adults weigh about 8.75 to 26.5 pounds (4 to 12 kg). A group of rhesus macaques is called a troop. Active and social, a troop can consist of up to 200 individuals.

Photo and haiku: Samantha Oester